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With so many personal trainers to choose from in Cardiff, we make the decision process easier for you by handpicking and connecting you with a list of Cardiff-based personal trainers that you can trust and have a great local reputation.

Start moving towards your fitness goals today by contacting one of our Cardiff PTs. There is no pressure to hire one of our specialists, you can compare, read reviews and contact each PT before making a decision.

The ACSM recommends that healthy adults all need to be performing a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate intensity cardio, 75 minutes or vigorous intensity exercise per week. Resistance training and flexibility exercises should also happen twice per week for best results!

When you’re about to go work out, eat something that’s easy for your body and will give it enough energy. Try fruit or yogurt and hour to 2 hours before your workout; not too much though because if this meal is heavy on carbohydrates then there won’t be any left over after eating everything else!
If you are planning on a full meal, eat this 3-4 hours before your workout.

You’ll probably need to see a trainer once or twice each week, depending on your goals. If you’re just getting started with exercise and healthy eating, you will need regular motivation and support from someone who is an expert and can guide you in the right direction.
Our specialists will work closely alongside clients in order to set up sustainable programs which suit them, including the frequency of the sessions, their goals, any injuries, etc.

You can have your fitness sessions anywhere you would like. As long as you have the equipment needed for the session, you can have your personal training session at the gym, your home, even the local park or your office.

Definitely! The Cardiff PT you choose will chat with you about your goals and objectives, and the way to achieve them that suits you best. They will also need to know any pre-existing or previous health conditions which could impact your goals and exercise level.

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